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Issue One.

Before you read:

PATCHWORK is the first in a series of love letters to writing. I conceptualized and started this magazine during my final semester of my undergraduate studies, and it has followed me into my adult life. I've found that everything in the real world is like a quilt; the real world fits together in odd pieces that don't often make sense. The old borders and enmeshes with the new, fabrics mix, colors and patterns clash. Somehow, despite the chaos, so much of it is beautiful. These stories, in their narratives and their individual plots, mirror that beauty.

Please enjoy the first series of stories to bring the Coffee Ring Review fully into the world; please love them as their authors and I do. Explore the details behind each stories with author interviews at the end of each piece as well. Welcome, and enjoy!

The Stories.

Coffee for Six - Willow Delp

The Pain Trader - Risha Mae Ordas

Always the Real Deal - Kate Zeyger

Angel Face - Paul Lewellan

Please Don't Touch the Picture Tube - Richard DiPirro

Umbrella - Cliff Aliperti

Among the Trees - Clare Durham

Writ in Water - Jack Crawford

Charon's Obol - Matthew Jones

Antique Desk - Colleen Alles

The Constituents of Light - James Morris

Underground - Susan Cornford

The View from Mars - C. W. Bryan

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